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Our Team

We love building products for you

Jane Gatewood


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About Us

We Started Out When Moe Mallet Wanted To Retire....  He First Wanted To Sell His Original Building, Then His Embroidery Equipment, Then The Entire Sporting Good Business  With His Help We Changed the Name To The Sports Center and Continued Operations, For 2 Years Mr & Mrs Mallet Helped With The Transition, We Kept The Original Phone # 570 648-0981   We Continued Embroidery and T-Shirt Printing all The Original Designs F&S Beer   Victoria Theatre Many Shamokin Designs   Shamokin School Designs   Our Lady of Lourdes Designs  Mount Carmel School Designs   Many Local Businesses  

Later We Upgraded To Computerized Embroidery Machines, a Larger Screen Printing Machine

After a Few Years We Merged into The Former Shamokin Cycle Shop Building on 501 N Rock St Shamokin 

Right Next to David Distributing Auto Parts & Service Center Next to Shamokin Moose on Rock St